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Protection for Your Car’s Paint & Wheels in Oakland, ME

You might think that your car is completely safe from the harsh elements, right off the car lot and to an extent, it is. But there are many things that can damage the exterior, other than you. Protect your car from normal wear and tear with clear, protective film and wheel skins from Auto Enhancement. These non-invasive installations can protect your paint job and your wheels for many years, and they will keep your car, truck, or SUV looking like new. Contact Auto Enhancement in Oakland, ME today for more information on how to protect your vehicle: (207) 821-4438.

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Clear Film—The Invisible Paint Defender

Rocks, chips, and bugs are some of the most harmful things your car could encounter and unfortunately, they are almost impossible to avoid. Even if you only drive your vehicle for show or special occasions, you still run the risk of damaging it on the road or while it is sitting. Auto Enhancement uses a clear vinyl film to prevent these small damages from happening. Our clear film is guaranteed to fit your vehicle perfectly, and they offer pieces that will fit on literally any part of your car or truck. They can be a bit difficult to properly install, though, so trust the experts at Auto Enhancement to help you protect your vehicle with a clear film from Body Armor, XPEL, 3M or Suntek.

Chrome effects

Wheel Skins for a Custom Look & Maximum Protection

Protect your wheels from dings and rust with chrome wheel skins and covers. Auto Enhancement works to supply many shapes, sizes, and colors of wheel skins and covers. Chrome plated wheels and rims are much stronger than aluminum or steel, and they are resistant to the elements. This means that your wheels will look better for longer, and you will not have to worry about corrosion or rust, or even tiny dings and other damage from rocks and other road hazards.

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