Sunroof installed in car

Install & Repair Sunroofs & Leather Seats in Oakland, ME

No matter the make or model, Auto Enhancement can install the perfect sunroof or leather seat into your new or used vehicle. We handle the installation, ordering, and repairs, so you know that the conversion of your car or truck will be done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, correctly. We also offer repairs for any and all sunroofs, including OEM models (factory installed), or leather seats, whether we did the installation or not. Contact us today to learn more: (207) 821-4438.

Auto Enhancement Repairs Any Sunroof Easily

No matter what is wrong with your sunroof, the experts at Auto Enhancement can perform any repair necessary to get it functioning properly again. We are authorized to repair almost any sunroof, whether the issue is parts or the glass has water leaks. Many area dealerships and insurance companies trust us to make repairs on their clients’ sunroofs. Whether the vehicle is old and the sunroof has broken down because of age, or the vehicle was in an accident and the sunroof has mechanical issues or the glass is broken, Auto Enhancement can take care of the problem and get you back out on the road in no time!

Leather seats

Replace Your Cloth Seats with Leather—Call Auto Enhancement

There are many benefits to having leather seats in your car. Leather is easy to clean, it does not absorb odor as easily as cloth seats do, and it makes your car look infinitely more stylish. If your car has cloth seats, or the leather seats in your car are old, consider calling Auto Enhancement. We can install top-quality leather seats in any car, truck, or SUV. We can install leather that will perfectly match the car’s interior, or choose a color that will make the seats stand out.

Damaged car seat with cracks and grime on it.

We Repair Any Damage to Any Leather Seat

Life happens. Perhaps there is a tear in one of your leather seats, or maybe your seats look worn after years of use. At Auto Enhancement, we are able to fix any sort of damage your leather seats may have. From just a small patch, or reupholstering an entire seat, we can recommend the best, most efficient, and most cost effective repair.

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