Window Tinting & Pin Striping for Personal & Commercial Vehicles

Adding custom window tinting and graphics, even simple graphics like pin striping, can really make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. These customizations can add a level of elegance to your vehicle that will make it instantly recognizable. Whether you just want a light tint to your windows, or you would like a larger custom graphic on your hood or side panels, contact Auto Enhancement today to learn more about our great custom options: (207) 821-4438.

Why Tint the Windows in Your Vehicle, Home or Business?

There are many benefits to tinting your vehicle’s windows aside from the fact that it looks great. Many different types of window tinting exist, and each of them has different purposes. Thermal window tinting can block the heat from the sun from entering your vehicle, keeping the interior cooler in the summer. UV-blocking tint can block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle. Almost all types of window tinting can reduce glare while you are driving, and it will keep your belongings safe inside your vehicle by preventing passers-by from seeing inside your vehicle.

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Subtle Customization with Pinstripes

Adding a pinstripe or two to your vehicle can add some subtle customization that will make your car or truck stand out with a unique presence. Pinstripes are elegant and understated, and when done correctly, can greatly enhance the look of any car, truck, or SUV. Auto Enhancement offers striping in many colors and styles that would look perfect on your personal or commercial vehicle. Combine our pinstripes with any of our other custom graphics for an eye-catching custom look for your vehicle. Pinstripes will generate the attention a commercial vehicle deserves.

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Add Some Personal Flair to Your Car with a Custom Graphic

Custom graphics can add some much needed personality to your car, truck, or SUV. With a variety of graphics to choose from, it is possible to turn your plain car into a show vehicle in minutes. Auto Enhancement offers many types of hood graphics, like stripes, for your vehicle. We also carry a variety of side panel graphics that are more detailed, and many of them can be customized to include colors you like or that will complement the color of your vehicle perfectly. Our graphics are printed on vinyl, so you know that they will last, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit any make or model.

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Custom Graphics for Businesses & Other Commercial Vehicles

Whether your business has a fleet of vehicles or just one, Auto Enhancement can customize them so that when people see you out and about, they recognize your brand. Having commercial cars or trucks is great for your business, because it means that your business’ name gets more exposure. Make your name stick in people’s minds by adding custom graphics, lettering, and striping to your car to make it stand out. Call Auto Enhancement today for more information: (207) 821-4438.

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